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Women are fighting a never-ending cycle of comparisonitis, It's exhausting and overwhelming!

Our own bullshit and fears dis-empower us from taking huge aligned action.


It's scary to admit we are the ones keeping us stuck!

Getting caught in the pressure to go go go, and thrive in a masculine dominated society no longer serves us.

Empow     ment coaching creates Transformational Conversations that give you transformational results!

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Are You Ready To Use Use What Is Already Within You to Transform Your Life?


Immediately take back control of your life.

Transform from insecure to in control.

Find your own self-worth.

Free yourself from jealousy and insecurity.

Transform from self-loathing to self-love.

Create intimacy in your relationships.

Communicate in a way to feel heard and worthy.

Link spirituality with practicality.

Understand your ego and control your fears and insecurities.

Explore co-dependency and how your disease to please maybe be lying to you.

A shift from the victim's mindset of the world is happening to me' to inspired by the life you are creating for yourself.

Do it yourself 8-week awakening.

The skills and strategies to create a new version of yourself.

Transform from mediocre living to a conscious Empowered version of yourself.

Transform from auto-pilot living 'the world is happening to me to in control and inspired by the life you are creating from within you.

 Transformational conversations with Bobbie that transform your life.

For women looking to deeply connect with themselves and explore there story.


Helping women explore their own path to EmpowHERment.

Introspective coaching

Timeline transformations

Trauma healing

CEN (childhood emotional neglect)

Immediately walk away with a plan of action and guidance about where to go and where to start.


A 6-week group coaching program taking women through the process of falling in love with themselves.

Explore what it means to reclaim yourself and take back your own body.

Experience a deep transformation.


Finish the program finally in love with yourself.


A healthy relationship with your body image.

Take back your body as your own and claim your desires and needs.

Set boundaries that feel good.

Build your selfworth and opinions of yourself.

A shift from a life of pressure to a life of pleasure.


Harriet, 29

Prior to coaching with Bobbie I didn’t believe I could change.


I was stuck in a self-created space of being a victim.

I'm now better than I have ever been, I can't tell you how fast some of these tiny changes to my daily routine have started to manifest into huge positive waves in my life.


Jess, 36

I wanted to work with someone who called out my bullshit.


I needed closure and to realize my self-worth after ending a toxic abusive marriage.


I started as an emotional, angry, resentful, sad person who had little to no self-worth.


Through Bobbie's coaching I have found my value again.

Working together has been one of the best decisions and investments in myself I have made.

I am constantly growing and challenging myself making decisions that align with who I want to be.

Letitcia, 24

Before coaching with Bobbie I was in a state of despair.


I knew that I needed to change and Bobbie's coaching was just what I needed.


Since our first session I have been shown there are no limitations to what I can ask for, and what I can achieve in my life.


There are endless possibilities which I couldn't see, and that I was blocking myself from ever seeing past my current perspective.


I needed to take responsibility for my own thoughts, change them accordingly to ensure the result is the one I truly want.