But, hang on babes....

If this isn't abundant I don't know what is

Our vision is that is you Empow      1 million women in  10 years.

As well as accessing a 1-on-1 EmpowHErtment session with me that you have already booked in I am offering you this one-time opportunity to share my FULL 8 week Journey To EmpowHERment program with another woman for $100.

I usually charge $480 for this.

If you gain access right now I will give you plus 1 more woman whom you love and want to share the love with the opportunity to access the entire 16 weeks for another $100.

1-on-1 EmpowHERment coaching session for $100

Do you want to feel abundant and EmpowHER yourself further with:

Full 8-week access to Journey To EmpowHERment for yourself

Full 8-week access to Journey To EmpowHERment for another woman.

YES - I would like to access the Entire Journey To EMpowHERment 8 week program for $100 as part of this vision.

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