A Transformative process for women wanting to explore femininity to unlock their truest potential whilst holding onto their 'get shit done mentality'


Awaken from your life on auto-pilot, ruled by your emotions, to an indulgent pleasure-filled self-created EmpowHERed lifesyle that serves you.

I take you on an eight-week journey.

I give you the strategies, skills, and tools that will transform your current existence into an

Empowered woman, who isn’t ruled by her emotions, and who is free of self-sabotaging behavior, so you never have to feel sorry for yourself again.

Understand why you feel the way you feel, through education and self-evolution.

Take ownership of your life through a Journey To Empowerment.

A deep dive into the life you desire.


Are you settling?


Who are you?


Law of EmpowHERment #1


Taking stock.

Levels of consciousness

How you interpret your culture-scape?

Questioning then awakening.

Reprogramming  and relclaiming.

Limiting beliefs.

Exploring self-sabotage.

The self-coaching module.

Emotional Sobriety.

Taking back your power.

Regain empowered action with your own emotions.




Staying juicy.

Getting LIT.

Choosing love as your truth.

Realigning your values.

Conquering that voice in your head.

Understanding your Ego.

Taking yourself off auto-pilot

How you can be an asset to the collective.

The ripple effect.

EmpowHERing yourself so you can EmpowHER others.


NEW Modules added.

Introduction to breathwork.

Guided breathwork.


Sitting with stillness.

✔️ Take away a blueprint to mastering emotional sobriety.

✔️ Learn and apply multiple models that allow you to understand why you behave the way you do, then change it. Forever.

✔️ Cut through the lies we tell ourselves.

✔️ Unlock your limiting beliefs.

✔️ Take ownership of that voice in your head.

✔️ Understand your fears and face them head-on.

✔️ Explore co-dependent behavior.

✔️ Understand and own your relationship with jealousy.

✔️ Set goals that scare the hell out of you, then actually achieve them.

✔️ Link spirituality with practicality.

✔️ Set boundaries that feel good.

✔️ Swap a life of pressure for a life of pleasure.

✔️ Create an EmpowHERment routine for yourself.

Nice things people say about their Journey with me

"Prior to my Journey I didn’t believe I could change. I was stuck in a self-created space of being a victim. 

I'm now better than I have ever been, I can't tell you how fast some of these tiny changes to my daily routine have started to manifest into huge positive waves in my life.

I'm in such a better place now,  and it’s a GLOBAL PANDEMIC.   

She's a fucking superstar and I am so grateful to have her holding space for me."

Harriet 2020

When does coaching start?


It can start immediately once you enroll or make your first payment.

You can begin self-led work immediately, and if you have joined a group program or the launch bundle you can book your first coaching session as soon as you have enrolled.

Can I speak to Bobbie before committing.


Absolutely. If you can drop her a DM in her IG or email her bobbie@builtwithbobie.com. You can also book a FREE 20 minute chemistry call to decide if you want to work 1-on-1 with her.

I really want to join but feel like I can't afford it?


Investing in yourself now to change your life forever is something we don't know how to experience.

I offer payment plans for all my coaching containers so that I can support all women.

How long will it take to feel EMpowHERed?


Immediately after you invest in yourself. Investing in yourself is something that should feel aligned and yummy. Get excited. This is truly life changing and you will never be the same woman again once EmpowHERing yourself.

What if I change my mind?


This is a front loaded program. Due to the huge amount of content given to you all purchases are final for self-led series. Should you feel unhappy please email to let us know so we can best support you. bobbie@builtwithbobbie.com.