LGYST - Self Paced

Imagine knowing each day you have the divine discipline and structure already in place so you move through each day with intention, focus, and high vibe energy.

(*no matter what life throws at you)

This is for the woman who desires to independently take their personal development journey to the next level.

  • After this container, you will be excited for your alarm to go off because you get to jump out of bed with excitement to start each day with a sacred routine.
  • You will have total control over your thoughts and your feelings as they arise so you can respond in a way that gets you exactly what you desire in your relationships.
  • There is nothing more powerful for you to embody that will catapult your relationships forward, than being able to take full responsibility for your every decision you make giving you the exact life you may have felt was unachievable. It is!

Are you ready to make that one investment that leaves no stone unturned on your personal development journey?

You can log in and come back anytime you feel like getting your sh$t together whilst being loving and compassionate.

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Women who have completed previous containers said:

I have compleated 2 of Bobbies containers now and each one is transformational. I leave feeling confident that I have the exact tools to choose myself over and over again. I have managed to manifest a new, set boundaries switch my friends, and improve my health. It's life changing.


Nothing beats a container of like minded women who are able to hold space whilst you level up and let go pf past versions of yourself that no longer aligns with who you are becoming. Bobbie shows up each week in such divine energy in her videos and guided lessons. I have been working on my self-love and personal development journey for a few years now, but this container allowed me to take a breath and accept myself for exactly who I am. It's a rush, it's nurturing and i'm forever grateful.

Nicky Shaffer

I loved everything about it, All the smiles, tears and god dam hard truths that I so desperately needed to hear. Thank you for being my bestest supporter and helping me step back into my power and showing me how to gain my sparkle back.

Emily Sciliano

I've loved every second of the past 7 weeks even the messy parts when my ego was having a huge tantrum. I can't even begin to explain the life changing impact this has had on myself and my kids. I'm so glad I took the jump to go for it and invest in myself, it has allowed me to be a better mum, and love myself at a whole new level.

Courtney Rutty

$555 AUD

This offer is non-refundable.

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You are agreeing to pay as agreed, on the dates agreed and in full, regardless of how you utilise the offer. 

If payments are late or not fulfilled you will be removed from the offer until payments are back in good standing and fulfilled. 

This offer is the property of Bobbie-Ann Poulton and belongs to Built With Bobbie Ltd. It is intellectual Property, therefore you CAN NOT repurpose, duplicate, copy or sell this offer in ANY way shape or form, without Bobbie-Ann Poulton's written permission. 

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