💚 No BS Body Image Masterclass 💚

💥 What: 

2 Hour LIVE masterclass DISRUPTING the self-love space. 

I will be teaching you:

How to decondition the 'brules' around you and your self-image. (*Bull-shit rules)

How to identify and take your F#*ing power back from from the BS you have been miss sold by the wellness industry and instagram.

How to change your actions so you are acting from a place of love as apposed to fear.

How to set boundaries with yourself about your own body.


How to stop missing the key step in cultivating unconditional love for yourself.

This is powerful AF!

💥 Why:

Because I have never met another human being who isn't struggling with radical acceptance and self-love.

Self-love is a birthright that was taken from you and only YOU can take it back.

💥 When:

Thursday 21st July 5:30pm AEST (*Obviously it's recorded and delivered straight to your email if you miss it)

💥 How:

Via Zoom

$65.00 AUD

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