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🌙 Radical Awakening 🌙

Coming February 2022.

My next group container is about radical self-expression.

As you wake up and release yourself from the fear of being who you truly are.

Radical awakening is for the woman who is ready to take her confidence to a new level. 

I will take a group of women through a 7-week discovery of what it means to feel untouchable.

🌙  Initiation Circle and intention setting.

🌙 Queen energy and manifestation. Can you truly alchemize the life you desire? Yes, you can queen, but you can't keep doing what you are doing.

🌙 Embody the most confident woman in the room. We take back our power from insecurities, jealousy, and judgments by claiming to be more worthy than we will ever be right now.

🌙 How to be brave. Tapping into your intuitive powers and leaning into uncomfortableness.

🌙  Setting boundaries and having unapologetically high standards.

🌙 Being a real AF woman. Masculine and feminine polarity and reclaiming your rawness. This is how you stop faking it until you make it. You experience what it is to be untouchable.

This is going to be my signature program for 2022.

This container will look slightly different from this one as they always are. After 8 rounds of the Self-love scholarship, I continue to evolve and expand as a coach, along with that so do the women who choose to be in my energy.

This will be a larger container with more women than the intimate Self-Love Scholarship. This is about power!

🔥 More movement.

🔥 More self-expression.

🔥 More accountability.

🔥 More breath.

🔥 More writing.

🔥 More shedding of the old and reclamation of the new.

🔥 More self-celebration.


I look forward to welcoming you into the rebirth of 2022.